Treatment OF Psoriasis || Psoriasis – Diagnosis Treatment


 The steps that are taken to get rid of the disease or disease after a disease or disease are called treatment.

The second name of the treatment is dieting. 

“It is better to avoid treatment” avoid things that harm you in the disease, there are many patients whose things stop them after the full diagnosis of the disease, they also know that the prohibited items are harmful to them, but they continue using things without caring about it.

The diagnosis of the disease is the first step of treatment, until the disease is diagnosed, it is impossible to treat the patient.

Diagnosis of disease

The purpose of all this was to say that unless the disease is diagnosed, the treatment of the disease can not be possible.

Today, in this article, I will tell you my story, something like that started to become some grains on my head, so I went to a close skin-specialist doctor, the beginning of the disease was probably due to the beginning of the disease, the doctor could not diagnose what is the disease, but the disease gradually increased. But for a month those grains started spreading all over my body, but in the meantime I continued to go to the doctor, but a month later the doctor diagnosed the disease and the disease that I had fully developed was called ” Psoriasis”.

There are 4 different ways of Treatment

By the way, the treatment of new and old diseases born in humans was done about 100 years ago by desi herbs and spiritually, but now due to the modern development of science, the method of treatment has changed.

Today the whole world has developed a lot, due to which as many diseases have increased, the treatment method has also been easy.

Well if there are many ways of treatment but we will only study modern 4 ways.

Treatment By Allopathic: 

A system of medication in which Doctors, Nurses , Therapists and Pharmacists treat symptoms and disease by Drugs, or Surgery. 

The method of treatment by allopatic is modern and unique in the rest of the methods. Allopathic medicines work very fast. It is found in every disease treatment.

Today we will study about “psoriasis” what are the reasons for this disease, what are the causes of its occurrence, and how it is diagnosed, and how it can be “treated”, and in how many days it can be fully treated and whether it is treatable or not.

Psoriasis is a quick disease that spreads after becoming a red color grain and then gradually becomes a red color wound and then white peels begin to come on and thus the whole body also starts to suffer from this bandage.

Types of Psoriasis: 

  • There are seven types of Psoriasis.

Well, there are seven types of psoriasis, but first of all we have to know about the reasons why it is very common.

  • Stress 
  • Skin Injury 
  • Medications
  • Antimalarial Drugs 
  • Lithium 
  • Inderal 
  • Indomethacin 
  • Infection

Other Things That May Trigger “Psoriasis” Include Are Given Below:

  • Diet 
  • Allergies 
  • Wealth

What are the names of seven different types of psoriasis and how they can be recognized and how they can be treated.

Plaque Psoriasis: 

It is very is common type It is concentrated in 8 out of 10 people. You’ll hear your doctor say “Psoriasis vulgaris” about it


Its biggest sign is red color marks, which are covered with silver-colored skin, and it is mostly on the following parts of the body.




Lower Back

Guttate Psoriasis: 

This type is often concentrated in children and youth at the age of puberty. It is concentrated in 2% people.

This often appear on your :


Upper Arms 



Inverse Psoriasis:

This type is usually found in the following locations: 


Under the Breasts 


Skin Fold Around The Genitals 

Pustular Psoriasis: 

This type of psoriasis is not common and is found in very few people, and the reasons for this are as follows:



Fast heart rate etc

Erythrodermic Psoriasis:

It is a very dangerous type of disease that is on the whole body, due to which irritation and itching are very high. What part of the body is it?

Totally Body 

Nail Psoriasis: 

It is on all or half nails that make all the nails worse.

 Psoriatic Arthritis: 

It is in the nails of the foot. It is found in 70% people. The biggest reason for this is to cut nails on time.

Treatment of all the diseases given above is possible when your doctor checks you well and diagnoses the disease what you have and how much time you have to treat.

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