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 If you’ve decided to expand your business to Kuwait there are two options to hire a new employee -either tap on the market for local workers or search for skilled foreign workers. If you choose the second option it is essential to ensure that each foreign worker is issued proper visas and permits to work in Kuwait. Firms that are only beginning to establish themselves in Kuwait might also encounter difficulties getting work permits for their employees since they need to be legally licensed locally and incorporate for this.

Types of Work Visas in Kuwait:

Kuwait provides a variety of types of visas , based on the entry requirements of the person as well as the length of stay and the purpose of their trip. There are several options available:


Visa for tourists:

Visitors have the ability to travel and enter throughout Kuwait by using this visa. The applicants only need to answer a few questions and provide basic details, including details of contact and a passport number.

Visa for visit:

A visit visa is divided into additional categories according to the reason the applicant is travelling to the country. A Kuwait business or a relative has to be the sponsor for the person applying to get the visa.

Visa for residence: 

Anyone who is not Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens have to apply for an Kuwait residency visa to stay in Kuwait. There are three kinds of visas that are work, domestic and dependent.

Visa for entry:

Government and civil servants who have an entry visa are able to issue visas to join providers that require a minimum amount of funds for applicants to apply.

Requirements to Obtain Kuwait Work Visas:

A majority people who work for you will require to get a residency visa prior to working for your business. This kind of visa requires an offer of employment from a private firm or a government agency. As an employer, you then apply for a visa or work permit for your employees.

The documents required for the work visa are:

An expired passport valid for at minimum six months prior to the date of expiration

A valid visa application has been issued from the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A passport-size photo

A test for HIV/AIDS

A health certificate issued by a doctor in the local area that shows that the applicant is healthy and isn’t suffering from any infectious disease

Police clearance indicating no criminal record

Once you’ve submitted these documents, your employee will be issued the “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) which allows them to travel to Kuwait. When they arrive in Kuwait they’ll be issued the residency visa. Then the employee is able to apply for an Kuwait Civil ID within 30 days of receiving their residency visa.


Application Process:

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide a copy of the permission to work to Kuwait embassy in the worker’s country of residence. It is also recommended to send the employee a copy their work permit to bring to the embassy in person when necessary. If your employees are in a country that does not have an Kuwait embassy, you need to provide the work permit as well as an NoC in the Ministry of Interior.

Other Important Considerations:
The Private Sector Kuwait Labor Law has certain requirements for employers. For instance, you have to keep a record of each foreign employee, which includes the following documents:
Work permit
Contract of employment
Civil ID
Documents that pertain with annual or sick leaves
Overtime hours
Injury or illness at work, when appropriate
The date of the end of service as well as reasons to leave the position
You’ll also require receipts to prove that prove all documents, equipment and certificates were handed back to you upon the completion of the employee’s work.
 Job Title :
Heavy Driver
Light Driver
Driver Heavy Duty
Nurse BSc and Diploma
Sand Blaster


Job Benefits  :
Free Accommodation: YES
Free Food: YES
Free Ticket: YES
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Free Medical: YES
Health Insurance: YES
Free Transportation: YES
Others: AS PER LAW
400 Dinar  Pakistan Rs 230000

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