How to donate your car in California

We can show you how to donate your car in four simple steps! Don’t believe us? Just watch.

Cost: $0

What you need to donate: Provide us with basic info about your car

01 Tell us about your car

But don’t sweat it, because we accept all kinds of vehicles- even those without a pink slip, in a non-operational state, or with expired registration. Kars4Kids doesn’t discriminate!

02 Schedule a free pickup

With our experienced team of tow-truck drivers based all around California, you can expect us quickly, sometimes even the same day. Mmhm.

03 Receive a tax write-off

Your tax deduction is based on the sale price of your car. We work hard to sell your car for the best price, which means more funds for charity and a bigger tax deduction for you. See Tax Deduction at a Glance to see how much money you’ll earn on your car donation.

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